We offer exceptional fresh food with complimentary friendliness.

            Carioca is all about authentic Brazilian food. At our restaurants we pride ourselves with the fact that the food we serve is freshly prepared by our chefs in house using fresh ingredients and all served with a friendly Latino smile.
            Carioca was first established in the vibrant multicultural melting pot of Market Row Arcade Brixton in 2012. We are so excited to now be expanding and bringing our take on Rio Street Food to East Croydon as well as part of Boxpark.
            We have created a Brazilian eatery which is more than just a BBQ house. Under head chef Lucineia Cinotti, Carioca’s menu reflects the diversity of Brazilian heritage, combining Portuguese, African and Indigenous cultures, with her own creativity and inspiration to suit the British market.
            Taking Rio as our inspiration, a “Carioca” is a person from Rio, in case you didn’t know…, we have created our own brunch menu to suit you Brits, yet full of Brazilian colour, passion and flavor. Our muffins are gluten-free, crispy yet melt in your mouth, topped with a variety of authentic ingredients as well as fresh inspiration to suit the modern palette. We look after the vegetarians well too, which can’t be said for all Brazilian restaurants! We have an all day snack menu as well, full of firm favourites like croquettes, chicken wings and coxinhas. Then in the evening we go more traditional offering amongst other things, feijoada and the best beef rib burger you’ll ever taste. And you won’t be able to resist our Caipirinhas!
            Carioca Croydon will provide fast service for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or a snack at any time, 7 days a week. Grab your Rio street food and eat in the communal melting pot of Boxpark and enjoy life, the Cariocan way……
            A bit of history...
            Close your eyes and think of Brazil. What comes to mind? Christ the redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Or is it the Sugarloaf mountain? Perhaps the famous Ipanema or Copacabana beach. Although there is more to Brazil than any of these, this is what immediately comes to mind for a lot of people around the world, when they think of Brazil. For that same reason we chose Carioca as the name of our restaurant. Carioca is a Brazilian adjective used to refer to the native inhabitants of the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. The original word “kara’ ioka”, comes from the indigenous Tupi language meaning “white man’s house”. These were the houses of the first Portuguese settlers. Carioca people are a friendly breed and are famous for inventing a few sports, music, and dances. Our idol, however is the Cariocan “bombshell” Carmen Miranda, whom we have proudly made the symbol of our restaurant.


We offer exceptional fresh food with complimentary friendliness.


Brazil, a diverse country where three distinct cultures embraced each other and gave birth to the fascinating cuisine that reflects the portuguese, african and indigenous people that live together in this vast land.To reflect this melting pot, we have a diverse yet compact menu of flavoursome treats to give you a taste of Brazilian ingredients and cuisine.

For a starter or a bite to go with a beer or Caipirinha, we have a selection of Coxinhas, Empandas and Croquettes to die for. For something bigger or brunchy, you must try our famous gluten- free muffins. We take a homemade maze muffin, and add a choice of toppings to suit all tastes, crowned with a poached egg. Rich and tempting such as pulled beef on our COPACABANA or for the adventurous vegetarian try the SAMBA, with roasted vegetables and black beans. Mmmmmm…

For traditional Brazilian flavours, you won’t regret trying our Feijoada, a Brazilian black bean stew, with meats, rice, and greens.

We also do a less authentic but just as tasty version for the vegetarians. If you idolize football, or just eating heartily, The Pele burger, is a must, with it’s Beef ribs, Churrasco sauce and slaw.

As Carmen Miranda would sing

“I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I like you very much.”

“I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I think you're grand.”


We also have a great selection of teas and espresso coffee available all day long.

As well as softs drinks including Guarana, Brazil’s favourite soda!

If you are after a cold beer to take the edge off, grab a pint of Sagres from our tap!

And of course a must have is Brazils’ national cocktail, the Caipirinha to start or complete your meal. Once prescribed for patients of the Spanish Flu, and still the best way to stay healthy and happy!


We offer exceptional fresh food with complimentary friendliness.


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Let's meet again for more Caipirinhas.


We offer exceptional fresh food with complimentary friendliness.

CARIOCA was established at Market Row Brixton in 2012, visit Carioca Brixton at www.cariocabrixton.com




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Monday - Saturday: 11am - 10:30pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm